St James Senior Boys' School

Church Road
TW15 3DZ
United Kingdom
Mr D Brazier
01784 266933
01784 266938
South East
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  Day Weekly Board Full Board
Termly Fees £6310 -- --
Number of Boys 416 None None 416
Boys Age Range 11 to 18 -- --
Number of Girls None None None None
Girls Age Range -- -- --
Total Pupils 416 None None 416
Sixth form Boys 63
Sixth form Girls None
This school has not yet submitted any subject information.
Places available in the academic year
Year No / Name
Alternative Reference
Place Type
Places available

Year 7
1st Form Senior
Prep Form 5
Scotland: Senior 1
Age 11-12

Year 8
2nd Form Senior
Prep Form 6
Scotland: Senior 2
Age 12-13

Year 9
3rd Form Senior
Scotland: Senior 3
Age 13-14

Year 10
4th Form Senior
Scotland: Senior 4
Age 14-15
Year 11
5th Form Senior
Scotland: Senior 5

Age 15-16
Year 12
Lower 6th Form Senior
Scotland: Senior 6
Age 16-17

Year 13
Upper 6th Form Senior
Age 17-18
This school has not yet submitted any part-time nursery information.
Last updated: 05/12/2018
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